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Music for the discerning ear

Geekdom 4 Year Anniversary Celebration @ Main Plaza San Antonio

Big Thank You to Geekdom for the opportunity to provide some music at their AWESOME Carnival Cuatro! A great Celebration in the Heart of Downtown San Antonio. Enjoy a few photos from my vantage point as well as a portion of my set Recorded Live for all to Enjoy! Thank You again Geekdom, and Congratulations on 4 Years of Serving our Business & Creative Community. SLM

Power Of Preservation Prom 2015

What a FANTASTIC time at Power Of Preservation's 4th Annual Prom. it has been my pleasure to assist 'PoP' with music 3 years in a row and could not be more content with the overall outcome of this past weeks event. Each year has been such a great opportunity to work closely with the PoP team on theme and how I can execute their vision with music during each portion of the program. Besides providing/selecting the music for the evening, the months of preparation to build a memorable evening soundtrack is the most fulfilling work of all. Speaking of a memorable soundtrack, I've put my Dinner Mix up for your listening pleasure. Recorded Live and In Color from the PROM stage at the Historic Stinson Airport.

High Fives to the team at PoP for another great production. To Bobby & Shanon, Thank You so much for allowing me the opportunity to play a small role in a Wonderful Program!  

For more info on Power Of Preservation please visit 

Enjoy the tunes! <3 SLM

Havana Hi-Fi 4 Year Anniversary Brunch

Portion our set Recorded Live from Havana Hi-Fi 4 Year Anniversary Brunch on Sunday October 18, 2015 at Hotel Havana in Downtown San Antonio, Texas.

Big Thanks to Adrian Quesada (Brownout, Ocote Soul Sounds & Founder of Havana Hi-Fi) for coming out and rocking the early set with some Quality Vinyl, which included some Colombian Cumbia and Afro Funk nuggets!

This portion of the recording is of Chris Galvan (Nu-Standards KRTU 91.7fm) and I taking over after AQ with an array of funky and soulful vinyl cuts. We traded track for track to keep things flowin'.

Thanks to Everyone who attended we look forward to more #HavanaHiFi in 2016!

Follow US for more quality tunes! Cheers, SLM.


San Antonio Cocktail Conference: 2015-2016 Cocktail Unveil

The San Antonio Cocktail Conference unveiled the signature cocktail, "Beso de Agave" for #SACC2016 at SAY Sí in Southtown San Antonio. Enjoy a few photos from the evening taken by Kody Melton.

Stay tuned for our next #SACC2016 event, "A Walk Through Mexico- A Cocktail & Culinary Journey" Follow the LINK for tickets & info!

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